Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally... it's about 12:06 a.m. as I write this and it's the first true moment of rest and relaxation in my day today. Running, running, running is all that I do now. Today my husband pointed out to me that the kids probably don't know what an "indoor" voice is because we're always shouting at them to try to bring down the noise level. Hmmm???... At the time, Ezi (our 3rd born) was busy knocking Teo (our 2nd born) upside the head with a HotWheels car, whilst hubby lay beside me on the bed trying to catch a nap while I finished up changing Shi's (our 4th born) diaper.

Ezi is 18 mths old and Teo is 3 yrs old, but one would never guess it if you were to listen to their interactions from another room. You got Ezi strongly grunting and speaking what little words he can at this point, while you have Teo screaming and crying out. My poor gentle one (Teo) gets constantly pounded by his little brother. The truth is, Teo knows not to hit him back for fear of hurting him. Don't get me wrong... Teo does get his hits in sometimes, but only when he's absolutely had enough. If he's not truly hurt or annoyed... we just have to hear his screaming and crying, which I sometimes wonder if it's truly any better than having to break up a physical fight between the two of them.

So, anywho... getting back to my point which is probably very obscure if not completely invisible at this point; what else did dear hubby propose I do to stop Ezi in his tracks as he pummeled our other son's head into oblivion with a toy car? I propose that he should have gotten up and broken up the confusion himself... but that's just my opinion and I'm prone to be understanding of hubby's lounging on this his one and only day off of work.

Mission for the week... stop shouting in the household, an absolute must. Well... we'll see how this one goes. Thank you Lord for our lungs and our voices. May we put them to good use and never take them for granted. Amen. Alas... it's definitely time for bed. Gotta be up extra early to help out with the PTA Teacher Appreciation Breakfast in the morning. G'nite!